We have created a small utility to help in the process of uploading audio files to our service.
When ran, the uploader will stay in the background until shift+windows+u is pressed. This key will trigger the "Select audio file" dialog box where you can locate and select the file that you wish to upload. Once the file is selected, the utility will start uploading your file and will return a "file upload complete" dialog.
This dialog allows you to save the returned URL to the clipboard of your computer, ready for sharing. If you wish to link your uploaded files to your SndUp account, head to the My account section of the website after login and create a new API key in the API keys section.
You can then paste the created key into the "set API key" dialog which can be found when clicking the SndUp Upload Utility icon in the system tray.

Download the utility:

Download SndUploader-Setup.exe